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   Click here and you too can help us save a dogs life



Help us to save more lives like little Tiberius who went from rags to riches.

Rags   to      Riches

Click on either picture to see his story



Volunteer your time.  Complete this volunteer form.

In-Kind Services (photocopying, office supplies, etc.)

Donations are used strictly for operational costs, food, shelter adoption fees, placements costs, fees for spaying/neutering, and vet care.

Donating your time and in-kind services can involve many activities:

  1. Provide foster care for dog(s) in transition
  2. Post flyers and keep them current
  3. Phone work--make preliminary calls, new family follow up, and yearly follow up, answer inquiries, respond to "dog wanted" ads to inform the parties of rescue options
  4. Photograph dogs needing homes for circulation flyers or web site publication, and new family photos
  5. Taxi dogs to and from vets, shelters, owners, rescue groups
  6. Drive for the Canine Underground Railroad (CUR) which transports dogs greater distances to other runners who, like you, are relaying animals to new homes far away
  7. Walk, bath, groom, play with and socialize dogs.
  8. Check various shelters for dogs in need (within our guidelines)
  9. Network with other rescue groups and shelters to circulate current information on available dogs
  10. Help with administrative duties-- accounting, editing, data entry, filing, legal, printing, and publications
  11. Raise funds

Brainstorm with us on ways to raise cash that are fun, creative & educational

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