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While we test these links as we can, we cannot guarantee that they are working links. If you would like your site added to this page, please email us with the link address and we will add you. We only link pure breed or commercial sites if they provide air time to the rescue effort and/or link to other non-profit, advocacy sites.

BEST OF MIXED BREED (a few of our favorite links)
bulletNew Leash on Life a vital nonprofit corporation created to significantly reduce the devastating number of animals abandoned and euthanized in Los Angeles
bullet National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPCC) College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois, Urban, IL  61801
bulletPet Rescue  web site is an excellent resource for canine and feline pet owners alike. It's extremely comprehensive and informative
bulletPets Alive Sara Whalen, who established Pets Alive, has been rescuing society's "throw aways" for over 27 years. She has proven that it is worthwhile to save animals no matter what level of abuse they have suffered or what their special needs are
bulletSFDog San Francisco Dog Owner's Group
bulletRec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) Cindy Tittle Moore web site offers a variety of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to answer general questions people have about dogs The most complete and comprehensively linked page we've encountered Link to the pet care page.  Links to lots of useful information
bulletThree Dog Bakery a commercial site that donates a portion of its profits to animal rescue/and or neglected and abused dogs
bulletDog Play an introduction to some great things people to do with their dogs
bulletElectronic Zoo links to lots of breed-specific and general sites
bulletThe Dog InfoMat whose goal is to assist dog enthusiasts, owners and those considering dog ownership, by providing original, quality, noncommercial information plus access to resources with similar information. Features include: Breed of the Month; Current News; an Events Calendar; Groups & Breeds; Training & Behavior; Fun, Events & Activities; Hard Workin'Dogs; Shelters & Advocacy; Clubs & Registries; the Library; Health & Genetics; Missing Pet Network Host Site; the Grab Bag!; and, more. All links are previewed for quality and content
bullet simply cat breeds Everything you want to know about domestic cats


bulletASPCA 424 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128-6804 (212) 876-7700
bullet Bay Area Doglovers Responsible about Pitbulls (BADRAP) a great site about the worlds most misunderstood breed of generally wonderful dogs
bullet Because You Care is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1981, dedicated to the welfare of small animals.
bulletBuddy Dog Humane Society 151 Boston Post Road (Route 20), Sudbury, MA 01776, (978) 443-6990, (781) 237-4747--a great site, very informative, even if you don't live on that coast, it's worth checking out
bulletDenver Dumb Friends League is committed to the welfare of animals
bulletFurry Friend Rescue
bulletHappy Tails A Sanctuary for Homeless Pets, P.O. Box 161994, Sacramento, CA 95816-1994, Voice Mail (916) 556-1155, e-mail:
bulletHerding Dog Rescue links to rescue organizations, as well other good info
bulletPets in Need (PIN) is a non-profit, community-based, humane animal shelter and adoption agency. PIN is located in Redwood City, California and serves communities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area
bullet The Shame of Puppy Mills
bulletJust What Is A Puppy Mill?
bulletR.E.S.C.U.E. an Arizona organization that rescues cats and dogs whose time has come at the shelter
bulletSherlock Bones Help find your missing pet

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bullet Transport resources
bullet California Rescue Railroad Also serving: Arizona, Canada, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming


bulletThe Animal Rights Law Center is using the World Wide Web to disseminate materials so that other practitioners, educators, and animal advocates can share our research, tactics and experience to speak and act in defense of animals
bullet Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) regulation of your right to own or, in many cases, not own a dog based solely on the breed or "type" of dog, not your responsibility as an owner
bulletNational Animal Interest Alliance
bulletIn Defense of Animals an animal rights and advocacy group involved in front-line activism to end abuse and exploitation


bulletEvery Dog Has Its Day Care is committed to providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for our dog clients and their owners.
bulletThe Daily Dog an in-home pet sitting service that provides walks, feedings and playtime, and also makes your home appear "occupied" by altering the lights, blinds, collecting mail & newspapers.
bulletHow to manage and evaluate your pet caregiver
bulletBuilding a Balanced Diet
bulletCarol Lea Benjamin Books on training, puppyhood and so on
bulletTattoo A Pet
bulletThe Senior Dogs Project



bulletAustralian Cattle Dog Homepage
bullet Australian Kelpies
bulletBorder Collie Network
bulletBorder Collie Webring
bullet McNab Shepherd
bullet Old Time Farm Shepherd a delightful and interesting page about one of herding breeds best kept secrets. The Old Time Farm Shepherd was almost extinct when a few people began an effort to revive it


bulletAmerican Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Web Page On Animal Health (Great site!!) (Great site!!)
bulletExtensive information on fleas and ticks
bullet Amyloidosis or kidney failure in dogs
bulletBlastomycosis an infection found in dogs, people, and occasionally cats
bullet Canine Ehrlichiosis a tick-borne disease, caused by an organism called Ehrlichia
bullet Endocrinology Disorders (Hypothyroidism, Cushings, Addisons)
bulletInternet Vet Column
bulletMorris Animal Foundation, kept by
bulletThe NETVET the best collection of Veterinary materials and links
bulletOrthopedic Foundation for Animals
bulletVeterinary Information Network For Veterinarians, by Veterinarians
bulletVetGen Canine Genetic Services
bullet Separation Anxiety Dogs Separation Anxiety - Common Symptoms and Treatment
bullet Natural remedies for your dogs separation anxiety
bullet Antidepressents for your pets
bulletBlind Dogs for the owners of blind dogs
bullet Deaf Dogs Yahoo! group for people with dogs that are deaf. It is a forum for sharing advice, experiences and support for owners of deaf dogs
bulletPets Are Loving Support  Providing pet food for people with AIDS


bullet Lightening Strike Pet Loss Support Page
bulletPets Grief Support and Candle Ceremony Homepage


bulletCanine Companions for Independence
bulletGuide Dogs for the Blind, Inc
bulletGuiding Eyes for the Blind Homepage
bulletPAWS With A Cause
bulletSeeing Eye 
bulletService Dog Directory


bullet Delta Society improving human health through service and therapy animals
bulletInterMountain Therapy Animals Homepage


bulletClick and Treat
bulletCarol Lea Benjamin Books on training, puppyhood and so on
bulletUseful training tips
bulletPet Dog Training Homepage


bullet Traveling with your dog American Kennel Club Tips for peace of mind while traveling with your pet

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Last updated on: 06/21/2013