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Advertising Your Pet

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Ideally, when one adopts an animal, or accepts an animal into his or her home, that person makes a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. In a perfect world, pet adoption would not be taken lightly and full consideration would be given, before hand, to all the possible scenarios that could affect or threaten that very special relationship between person and pet.  In a perfect world, people would adopt animals with the notion that giving them up would be out of the question, regardless of the circumstances.  But, it's not a perfect world, and, certainly, there are a few justifiable reasons that make it necessary to relocate the animal.

The reality is you have two choices: Take the animal to a shelter where the likelihood is that he or she will be destroyed or search for and find a good for him or her, using the methods, money and skills we use to accomplish this task on a regular basis. As you are ultimately responsible for the fate of the animal, please understand that perseverance is very often successful.

The following information is designed to help you achieve a successful adoption, and find a responsible loving home for the animal you need to place.

Important Note: All animals should be current on their annual booster vaccinations. Any physical or behavioral problems should be dealt with prior to placement so that any potential adoption can run as smoothly as possible, assuring the best outcome for your pet.

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For information on advertising for the relocation of your pet and dealing with landlords in the event of a necessary, unforeseen move. 


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