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We want this to be a fun page since so much about animal rescue is very serious & often heartbreaking. Please join us in making this page an uplifting success.

Submit humorous photos of and stories about your puparoo(s) or ones you know. We'll publish jokes as long as they're good natured & not at anyone's expense; we're looking for lots of trivia, cartoons if we can scan them successfully, and links to humorous web sites. Please join us in our folly.

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Fluffy - Destroyer of Worlds from

Cattle Dogs:

Don't leave home without 'em,



bh-lambchop1.jpg (15746 bytes)

Lambchop's head was on the chopping block when she was rescued from being someone's Easter lamb. Every day is a good-hair day for her.

bh-kip.gif (11268 bytes)

Kip, The Punk Border Collie

bh-addie.jpg (15146 bytes)

Addie belongs to Patty;
she's a bossy Aussie
who excels in agility

bh-smokie.jpg (3441 bytes)

Smokie found
a good home with folks who adore him.

bh-s&r1.gif (13791 bytes)

Spike & Robin's
family portrait at Sears


Before the Bath

whitedog.gif (4614 bytes)

This lovely rescue doggie was in foster care with Lisa Benci. He now has a permanent home with a loving family

After the Bath

whtiedog1.GIF (4809 bytes)


mydogsbutt.JPG (65371 bytes)
Here's a delicate little drawing someone passed along to us.
Yes, it says, "my dogs butt stinks."

Our fearless leader, Hollie

Next time you think your dog is too small to herd sheep...

Flying Cattle Dogs, Batman! It's Aida's crazy bunch at the beach: Zel, Rudy & Bunny.




   The dog everyone wants  


I needed a job

So, I took up Gardening

Send us photos of your dog (or any pets, actually), by snail mail or email, and we'll give him, her, or them a bad-hair day makeover. If you or your friend happens to be in the photo, we'll give the humans make-overs as well. Please include a brief bio of the pet(s) along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, if you would like the photo(s) returned.

Please send bad-hair-day-makeover photos to North Bay Canine R&P at the following address:

Hollie Lama
North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement
Post Office Box 4522
Petaluma, CA 94955-4522


Email a scanned copy to:


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Ruby-our wonderful original web mistress on a bad-hair day

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