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Dog Foster Care Application

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In order for us to assist you in your adoption efforts, and so that we may readily contact you, please provide the following information to the fullest extent possible.

      Careful. . . if you hit the "enter" key, your form will be sent.  To move from box to box, 
either hit the "tab" key or mouse click inside the boxes.

If you prefer, you may print out the Foster Care Application and snail mail it to the


General Information:  This application may require more information than you are comfortable providing, so before you start, please scroll down to review the entire application.  We hope to minimize your time.  Thank you for your interest in foster care.



State:   Zip:
Home phone:        
Work Phone:
Best Contact: 
Best Time:  
For how long would you be willing to foster? 

Do you currently own dogs?


Would you be willing to foster an older dog?


Would you be willing to foster a puppy?


Activities & Training:


Activities you plan for your foster dog:

Would you be willing to take your foster dog to obedience training


If not, how do you plan to train the dog

What are your reasons for wanting to foster a dog

Use 3 words to describe your ideal dog:



Would you be willing to foster a dog with health issues

Would you be willing to foster a dog with training or behavioral issues? If so, please describe your training experience

Your Home and Family Life & What You Have to Offer a dog:

Where will the dog spend the day?

Describe the area:

How many hours will the dog spend alone?

What will be the dog's sleeping area?

Describe the sleeping area:

The house you live in:


How long have you lived there?

If renting: do you have permission from your landlord to keep pets? 

Can NBCR&P contact your landlord?


If no, why, not ?

Is your yard fenced? 

If yes: fence height at lowest point (in footage)

If you have to move, what will happen to the dog?

If you go on a vacation, what arrangements do you make for the dog?

Pet history:

How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?

None.  I want to explore dog ownership.

If you have cats, how many?     Are they familiar with dogs?

How many dogs are living with you now?

Please describe breed, temperament, gender, spayed/neutered or not, and age:

People in your house:

How many children:     Ages and sex:

Adult males:        Ages:

Adult females:     Ages:

Do the children have experience caring for a dog? What is their attitude towards dogs?

Home atmosphere:


Where did you hear of North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement?

Is there a particular dog on the Web site that interests you?


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am aware of the expenses involved in owning a pet, such as vet, license fees, vaccines, boarding, toys, flea and heartworm control medication, etc., which can be very high. I understand also that it will be important for me to discuss the cost of providing foster care with a North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement coordinator. 

I understand that my foster dog will remain as a North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement dog and can only be placed for adoption by them.  I will give them as much notice as possible to make other foster care arrangements for the dog if for any reason I cannot continue to provide foster care.  All of the information I have given above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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